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Watercolor Companion Basic Brush Set

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If you love to create and make experiments with all sorts of materials you are going to love these versatile (and recyclable) water brushes!

The Watercolor Companion Basic Brush Set is a must-have for all Artists!

First of all: you can easily carry these brushes with you wherever you go; can be filled from any source; remove the need for open water containers, and clean themselves through use.

You can use them with watercolor paints, watercolor markers, watercolor pencils, gel pens or fountain pen inks.

With the Watercolor Companion Basic Brush Set, using, for example, watercolor paints, you can easily:

  • pull color from dry or wet watercolor pans by simply squeezing your water brush;
  • paint directly on to the paper either by adding or dissolving colors you need to
  • blend colors, soften edges or to scrub away unwanted colors from your artworks

You can do the same, and variations of the same, for watercolor markers and pencils, gel pens, and fountain pen inks. This set comes with 3 different brush sizes which are the ones that Artists like you use the most.

But the versatility of the Watercolor Companion Basic Brush Set doesn't end here. You can also fill them with fountain pen inks, drawing inks and Copic refills too.

So, start creating and experimenting all the techniques that you can think of to take your artworks to the next level, by ordering your set today!


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