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About Us

In the digital world it is relatively easy to identify someone similar to us when we check someone else's profile on Instagram, for example. We can see that a person has the same care for food as we do; Likes to take care of body, mind, but unlike the rest of the followers that have a more restricted lifestyle, we may also enjoy parties, art, shows, fishing or any other cultural activities.

However, out of the digital world, connecting with people, expressing our essence or communicating the unique being that we are, is not that easy.

In this sense, in the sense of getting closer to others by better communicating our personality, MFX arises to provide its customers with products that only a small number of people appreciate, because in some way this product mirrors the unique form that each one of us has to see life.

We still have a long way to go and therefore at this early stage, our focus is on products for your temple - your home. It is in it that you spend time either alone and with your family and friends, and that's where we start.

However, since everything in us tells a little about who we are, we will soon be able to provide you with new pieces of communication through which you can express your uniqueness. We promise to do it quickly — as quickly as good things do!

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We hope you enjoy not only the products, the MFX experience and, above all, that we identify with our values and with what we believe in: that we are all unique.