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Premium Anti-Spill Pot Cover

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Do you hate spending your time in the kitchen cleaning your oven?

Problem solved! This Premium Anti-Spill Pot Cover is perfect for covering that boiling pot so that you never have to worry about it overflowing from too much build up. If you've ever made pasta or spaghetti, you know exactly how this can easily happen.

The Premium Anti-Spill Pot Cove doesn't limit you to use it only to prevent spills.

Its design allows you to cook your foods through steam vapor, so it retains the nutritional and vitamin content while preserving the minerals intact. With the benefit that you can do this while cooking something else! Isn't that awesome?

But that's not all. It's clever design also allows you to cook your meals in the microwave or oven allowing your foods to "breathe" through the center "flower".

So start enjoying a cleaner oven and healthier meals by ordering your Premium Anti-Spill Pot Cover today!


This product is not available in stores and the stock has significantly decreased on this past week due to the attention it is receiving on social media. 

For that reason, we have to set a limit of 4 lids per order.

If you want one, click the "Add to Cart" button now to claim yours.

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  • Diameter: 11.22in (28.5cm)
  • Diameter, including handles: 12.20in (31.0cm)
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