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Food Fresh Keeping Silicone Wrap

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Does it annoy you to have to cut sticky cellophane paper sheets?

Now you can say goodbye to that obsolete way of storing your food in the fridge.

Cellophane paper sometimes sticks to it self or any other surface, and then instead of being focused on what you are cooking, you have to waste your time unsticking the cellophane, undoing the mess — it's not ideal when you're in a hurry or when you don't have time to waste. And after using your cellophane paper, you have to throw it away, which costs money and harms the planet.

The "Food Fresh Keeping Silicone Wrap" is much more practical. It has all the benefits of the old cellophane paper sheets and more

The wrap forms an air tight seal which keeps your food staying fresher for longer that is not just limited to bowls or containers. 

You can also use it to seal fruit, wrap crackers or over a half open packet and can be molded into any shape. Just stretch the wrap over any bowl or plate and store in the refrigerator or on the bench. 

The "Food Fresh Keeping Silicone Wrap" is made of durable, stretchable silicone that allows you to stretch it into any shape you like. It can be rinsed with hot or cold water or put in the dishwasher machine. And it's also microwave-safe.

So start enjoying the new, easy and simple way of storing your food by ordering yours today.


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  • Dry the container's surface before use;
  • Keep the silicone wrap away from sharp objects; 
  • Leave the gap before used in a microwave oven; 
  • Put the smooth side down to cover the container.


  • Weight: 65g
  • Wraps color: Transparent
  • Wraps material:  Silicone
Package Content
  • 1 X Small wrap: 10x10cm/ 3.93x3.93in
  • 2 X Medium wraps: 15x15cm/ 5.9x5.9in
  • 1 X Large wrap: 20x20cm/ 7.87x7.87in
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