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Would you like take your drawings to the next level?


Even with a vast knowledge about anatomy, without a reference model, it's hard to materialize or to transfer our ideas to a screen or paper.

There's a lot of trial and error involved, a lot of guesswork and that is time-consuming.

So, as all top artists, to be really good, you need a dynamic figurine model that allows you to practice! An archetype.

You need a reference that allows you to explore all the poses you need always. With stylized proportions and an easy-to-pose figurine, your drafts and drawings immediately start off on the right foot (no pun intended).

With numerous articulated joints, a male and female model, and diversified set of accessories, you're able to make your action figures mimic an unlimited number of poses and create more scenarios that you can imagine. 


You can also explore lighting and shadows by having the figurines in the same pose, but placed in different angles so you're constantly training and improving your familiarity with 3D spaces and all its variables.

You will never lack inspiration and your drawings will always be much more exciting and fun to look at, and to work on!

You will be amazed by the dimension that these figures add to your drawings!

Right now we have a MASSIVE 70% off for both models (less $165USD) for the next 50 artists only. Our sale products ALWAYS sell out FAST, so claim yours now before we run out.

Start creating and perfecting your masterpieces by ordering your action figures today!


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  • Height: Approx. 5.9in/ 15cm
  • Material: PVC

These figurines are fragile and should be handled with care


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